Reclaim The Night

Dec 18, 2023 | Open Walks

night sky through trees

Date: Friday 8 March
Start: Older Hill, Woolbeding
Grid Reference: SU869 260
Start Time: 18.45
Distance: 3.5 miles
Terrain: Mostly flat

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Too many long, cold, dark nights are spent indoors, when it is perfectly possible to be outside enjoying the night sky and stillness of darkness. Why not add a little adventure to your weekend plans by joining us for this short, evening walk. If the sky is clear (always a gamble) we will be able to spot several constellations of stars, including Orion the Hunter, which only appears in the Northern Hemisphere night sky in winter. It is one of the easiest to spot thanks to its distinctive Belt.

However, this walk is about more than the night sky, it is also about taking us out of our comfort zone and into the woods/across the common after darkness. It will be a sensory experience too, with our ears and noses filling the information gathering gap normally carried out by our eyes.

The route is short and mostly easy underfoot but there are a couple of short, muddy sections. For convenience, at a little over 3 miles, it is perfectly possible to do this walk in wellie boots. A torch of some description will be a necessity.

No dogs please on this walk.

Night sky

Images: SDNPA Photo Library

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