Walk The Chalk – Cocking

Apr 24, 2024 | Open Walks

chalk path across Harting Down

Date: Weds 12 June
Start: The Bluebell, Cocking
Start Time: 09.30
Distance: 5.7 miles
Terrain: 2 climbs up onto the Downs

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Join Rural Strides to walk the chalk. This is an undulating walk where we will not only walk the chalk but talk about it too.

Is there a more iconic landscape than that of the chalk downlands of southern England?

Archaeologist Jacquetta Hawkes thought not when she wrote that “without chalk there could be no Albion”.

line of trees on brow of hill

However, while chalk has shaped our landscape, way of life, culture and national identity, it is difficult to categorise it a rock.

The white cliffs of the Seven Sisters and Dover are the most outwardly visible displays of chalk in the south. However, it is here in the Western Weald that the full complexity of the chalk is best appreciated. What is more, there are no crowds.

The walk will start with an introduction to chalk over morning coffee at the community owned Bluebell Inn in Cocking. (Coffee not included).

Butser Hill chalk downland at sunset

Rural Strides is passionate about the history and cultural landscape of the Western Weald. Through engaging walks, which interpret the land and share local stories, we seek to connect people not only to the beauty of the area but also to inspiring local businesses. We hope you will find a Rural Strides walk an authentic and memorable experience, that will leave you feeling like a local!

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