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Jan 25, 2024 | Open Walks

Sweet Chestnut

Date: Sat 26 October 2024
Start: Langham Brewery, Langham Lane, Lodsworth. GU28 9BU
Grid Reference: SU928 225
Start Time: 10.00
Distance: 5.3 miles
Terrain: Undulating

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If you go down to the woods this October day you are sure of a big surprise…….as the floor will hopefully be carpeted with delicious sweet chestnuts! This is because the sweet chestnut tree loves the sandy soils around Lodsworth. It is consequently a staple crop of Wealden woodworkers. They use it to make many, specialist, local products, because it is light to work, easy to split and durable. In addition to the properties of its wood, the tree’s fruiting body, the chestnut, is also a delicious, autumnal  treat.

Assuming the local squirrels aren’t too greedy and leave us a few, we will be harnessing our inner forager on this walk, collecting chestnuts to take back to the brewery. There we will roast them on the courtyard braziers. The question is, how many beers does it take to fully roast a chestnut? We might have to collect some data on this important research topic!

If you haven’t encountered chestnuts before, please be warned that they have quite a prickly exterior. They don’t give up their tasty fruit easily, so either come prepared for a few prickles or bring a pair of gloves.


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